Edible Gold Flake-Rough
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Price: $66.50
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Edible Gold Flake-Rough
Item #: TK-627-05
Size: 0.4g
This real, edible gold adds an elegant and festive touch to any occasion, whether special or everyday. A simple chocolate cake goes from the everyday to the truly memorable with just a few sprinkles of these coarse or fine (your choice) edible gold flakes. At home or restaurant, guests will be dazzled by the luster of your confections, drinks, desserts and even savory dishes when in fact it requires very little effort to use (just sprinkle a little on as a final garnish) and since a little goes a long way, this small container will last a long time.

*While great for many dishes, this product is not intended for use with fresh seafood, meat, seaweed, vegetables, legumes or tea.

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