Ebony Wooden Handle Plating Chopsticks (Moribashi)
Item #: HA-1102
Size: Sizes based on steel length
These handcrafted moribashi bring precision and temperature control to your plating. Plating chopsticks have been used by Japanese chefs for generations. The metal tip does not alter the temperature of the wood and is delicate enough to handle the most fragile ingredients with extreme control and precision. While traditionally used in Japan for plating sashimi, this versatile plating tool has applications far beyond sushi and is growing in popularity in the Western kitchen for use with sensitive ingredients. Made in Japan, these elegant plating chopsticks are available in three sizes for your convenience.

Not dishwasher safe, wipe clean only.
List Price: $
Price per Item: $89.00 – $94.00

Steel Length: 5.9" Overall Length: 11.5"
Steel Length: 6.49" Overall Length: 12.06"
Steel Length: 7.08" Overall Length: 12.69"

X Dishwasher safe
X Microwave Safe
X Oven Safe
X Stove Top Safe

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Item #: HA-1103
Size: Sizes based on steel length
5.3" Size
List Price: $
Price per Item: $53.50 – $58.50
Item #: NR-201
Size: 2 Sizes Available
List Price: $
Price per Item: $26.50 – $39.50