Ebony Wooden Handle Plating Chopsticks (Moribashi)
Price per item$88.00 – $94.00
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Ebony Wooden Handle Plating Chopsticks (Moribashi)
Item #: HA-1102
Size: Sizes based on steel length
Moribashi are hand-crafted Ebony wood plating chopsticks used for generations by Japanese chefs. Moribashi chopsticks have been used in Japan for hundreds of years for plating sashimi. The metal tip helps keep all ingredient at the same temperature without damaging the food being plated. Nowadays, moribashi chopsticks are being used in many professional kitchens to handle and plate other temperature sensitive and delicate ingredients.

Made in Japan.


Steel Length: 5.31"
Overall Length:

Steel Length: 5.9"
Overall Length: 11.5"

Steel Length: 6.49"
Overall Length: 12.06"

Steel Length: 7.08"
Overall Length: 12.69"

Wooden Handle Plating Chopsticks (Moribashi)
Item#: HA-1103
Size: Sizes based on steel length
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