Diamond Two-Sided Sharpening Stone - #300 & #1000
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Price: $107.00
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Diamond Two-Sided Sharpening Stone - #300 & #1000
Item #: HA-1077
Size: 8" x 3" x 0.4"H
Benefits of a Diamond Two-Sided Sharpening Stone

Not for the novice knife sharpener, this double-sided diamond sharpening stone makes quick, efficient work of knife sharpening with its incredibly abrasive, hard surface. A great tool for quickly creating a new sharp edge on your knife, use this stone with a few soft strokes being careful not to over-sharpen. A great gift for an experienced chef and an excellent second sharpening stone (after a water stone)

Tip: Diamond sharpening stones as you are moving and changing the angle from higher to lower, you ruin the blade.

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