Bamboo Fork Skewers (Dengaku Gushi)
Item #: TK-633-03
Size: 4.72" (12cm) - 5.90" (15cm)
Quantity: 100pcs/per pack (price by pack)
The special shape of these skewers makes them ideal for grilling tofu. With their flat shape and pointed ends, these skewers secure slippery ingredients while providing extra support during grilling. Whether you are looking for something for your grilling or presentation needs, the bamboo fork skewer is the perfect accessory for the Western or Eastern kitchen.

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Size QTY 1 QTY 1 Price QTY 2 QTY 2 Price QTY 3 QTY 3 Price
4.72"L (12cm) 1-49 $2.50 50-99 $2.25 100+ $2.00
5.9"L (15cm) 1-49 $3.20 50-99
$2.88 100+ $2.56
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Price per Item: $2.50 – $3.50

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Item #: TK-633-02/10
Size: 3.9"L
Quantity: 100pcs/per pack (price by pack)
List Price: $1.95
Price: $1.95