Chidori Cold Sake Cup Glass
List Price: $4.50
Price: $4.50
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Chidori Cold Sake Cup Glass
Item #: GL-122-127
Size: 2.25"Dia. x 3.75"H - 2.25oz
This chic sake glass is perfect for the enjoyment of chilled sake. Ideally suited for sake tastings, parties, and aperitifs, these festive glasses are sturdy enough for any occasion. The clear glass is at once decadent and understated, and is sure to elevate your sake experience.

X Dishwasher safe
X Microwave Safe
X Oven Safe
X Stove Top Safe

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Item #: SAB-114
Size: 5"Dia. x 3.5"H - 12oz
List Price: $88.00
Price: $88.00