Tsumataro Vegetable Slicer
Item #: HA-1405
Size: 11"L x 9.5"W x 6.5"H
The Tsumataro vegetable slicer is designed to perform a number of delicate slicing functions in the kitchen. Able to make long, thin sheets, fine noodles, and netting for all of your garnish, plating, and recipe needs, this unit comes with four blades. Simply insert your firm vegetables into the machine and turn the handle to produce beautiful dainty cuts in no time. An excellent investment, the Tsumataro vegetable slicer is the durable time saver you've been looking for.

Please note that softer vegetables like cucumbers are not suitable for either the Peel S or Tsuma Taro slicers as they have a soft core.
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List Price: $399.50
Price: $399.50

  • Equipped with Sliding Blade
  • 4 types of Auxiliary blades are attached and included
  • TSUMA Dimension: 0.8mm (0.6mm for option)
  • Width of Vegetable Sheet: 4.7"
  • Size: W11.8" x D9.8" x H6.7"

Replacement Parts:


X Dishwasher safe
X Microwave Safe
X Oven Safe
X Stove Top Safe

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