Black Rectangular Charcoal BBQ Konro
Item #: KON-128-18
Size: 7"L x 5.25"W x 4.5"H
Ceramic Tabletop Konro set for use with binchotan charcoal.  Features brown glazed exterior, clay charcoal holding insert, screen and wooden base.

Japanese binchotan charcoal burns at a very high temperature which can lead to an extremely hot konro. To prevent injuries this konro has an outer reservoir which water can stored to significantly drop the temperature of the konro's exterior. The reservoir also makes cleaning easier as it catches fats and oils.

- As seen on Food & Wine Magazine, June 2013

List Price: $62.00
Price: $62.00



X Dishwasher safe
X Microwave Safe
Oven Safe
Stove Top Safe


  • Please only burn charcoal in well ventilated areas. All types burning charcoal will produce Carbon Monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning through this odorless gas is hazardous to one's health.
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