Black Bizen Smoker Pot with Net & Starter Cherry Chip Bag
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Price: $69.50
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Black Bizen Smoker Pot with Net & Starter Cherry Chip Bag
Item #: DNA-122
Size: 7"Dia. (9.5" with handle) x 6"H (4" without lid) / 6 cups
This smoker pot features an attractive bizen glaze and comes with a screen for your ingredients and a bag of cherry wood chips. 


  1. Please be sure to dry any ingredients before placing in the smoker.
  2. Take a handful of smoke wood chips, soak in water.
  3. Place damp wood chips inside the smoker.
  4. Place ingredients on the net.
  5. Place on top of the stove at high heat and cook.

Ibushi Gin is honored with the "Good Design Award" of Japan.

Makes for a very dramatic presentation. (6 cup capacity)

- As seen on Mise Magazine, November 2014

- As seen on New York Times, January 2012


  1. Smoker pot will become extremely hot when heated. Please handle with care.
  2. Smoker pot and lip is ceramic, it will break if dropped.
  3. Please use a dish mat under the smoker when placed on tables, to avoid scratching surfaces.
  4. Please wash well and completely dry before storing or heating.
  5. Do not deep fry in the smoker pot.
  6. Please do not lit smoke chips on fire. Simply heat over the stove.


  • Soak wood chips in beer or wine for added flavor.

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