Black Bizen Bowl
Item #: BWS-197
Size: 5"Dia. x 3.25"H - 18oz
This rustic, unglazed bowl features a beautiful matte finish and delicate brown accents. This understated vessel is perfect for the elegant presentation of traditional seasonal cuisines. Pair with noodles or donburi for a classic look, or go for a contemporary twist by showcasing the bold flavors and textures sesame crème brûlée.
List Price: $6.60
Price per item
1 – 11$6.60
12 – 59$5.94
60 +$5.28

ETA: End of May

Dishwasher safe
Microwave Safe
X Oven Safe
X Stove Top Safe

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Item #: CHR-313-220
Size: 2.5"L x 0.5"W x 0.5"H
List Price: $1.85
Price per item
1 – 19$1.85
20 – 99$1.67
100 +$1.48