Black Aluminum Grill Set
Item #: KON-103
Size: 6"Dia. x 5.25"H
The Konro looks great on the table and keeps food warm during dining. (Think of it as a Japanese chafing dish or fondue pot.) Can be used with a variety of cooking pots on top and liquid or canned gel fuel underneath.
  • Comes with black aluminum grill, wood base and fuel case.
  • Net sold separately
List Price: $16.90
Price: $16.90


Dishwasher safe
X Microwave Safe
Oven Safe
Stove Top Safe


  • Please only burn charcoal in well ventilated areas. All types burning charcoal will produce Carbon Monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning through this odorless gas is hazardous to one's health.¾
Chef Reviews
“This is a kona kampachi with what we call a spicy citrus cloud. I got the idea of making a cloud watching the Regis and Kelly show on the back of a cab. They were making clouds, and I thought, ‘well if it’s easy to make, maybe you can make it smell like something.’ When I walked into Korin and saw the konro, it was the perfect vessel for it, because it has the holes on the sides which lets the cloud pour right out.” - Marc Forgione

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